Victoria Sweet

I began my Pilates journey in 2007, not long after I had my first child. It was the one thing that gave my body back to me (and more). I’d trained in Ballet and dance all through my childhood but during my twenties I neglected my body and fitness....then once I had gone through having a baby I wanted to feel fitter and stronger. Pilates quickly gave that to me, better than I ever was before.

I practised Pilates for 9 years before I decided to train myself to become a Pilates Teacher. I had found that I needed more from the classes I had previously attended and had a passion for the technical side of the exercise. I’ve always been fascinated with anatomy and interested in an active and healthy lifestyle. Training to be an instructor was a dream come true. I feel so blessed that I was able to turn my passion into a profession. Now I teach up to 18 classes a week, training all kinds of wonderful people. My job is an absolute joy, and helping people feel better, and stronger and fitter is my true pleasure.

My qualifications are in mat based Pilates and standing Pilates, as well as pre and postnatal Pilates care. I like to offer a dynamic feel to my teaching with an emphasis on flow and freedom of movement. My classes help people in all aspects of their day to day lives, from the person who has to spend hours sitting at their desk all day suffering from back pain to the elite athlete training for their upcoming marathon. All ages and abilities can feel the benefit from practising Pilates; the breathing technique and concentration required to perform the exercise leaves you feeling calm and clear in the mind and relaxed, even though the body has been physically challenged. Key benefits include gaining a better posture, which in turn relieves the joints and allows the systems of the body to perform effectively, plus improved balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.

I'll be running one Pilates Retreat at Sweet Nothings this year. Click here to read the details on the calendar page.

Click here to visit my website

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