Next Course: 19th - 25th July 2020

Cas Holmes is coming to the Sweet Nothings. Author of several books and articles including the most recently published Textile Landscape as well as the seminal Found Object in Textile Art. Her approach is hands on, experimental with a strong emphasis on using found materials and inventive applications of textile and mixed media processes as part of the exploration of developing a 'creative language'.

Often described as 'painting with cloth. In this workshop you will experiment with different media and techniques, mark-making and paint methods on fabric, including sun print with *silk dyes (weather allowing). The use of stitch as a ‘line’ or mark and texture, and different approaches to assembling textile collage.
Combining textiles with found materials, (lace, paper, string etc.)
Investigation of mark making, dye and painting techniques with cloth and paper
Developing design process and own creative approach
An introduction to ‘Wet Applique’: Layering, bonding and piecing methods.
Use of stitch in design, involving a series of exercises to help you to sketch and mark with stitch.(A technician at West Dean college where she regularly teaches in England described her work as 'Extreme Stitching')

All of my courses encourage individual development as well as group teaching and exchange of ideas. Please feel free to work from personal images, ideas and other materials you have collected for inspiration.

Requirements for students to bring - This should fit in one smallish bag The remit is inventive use of materials. This is intended as a guide but feel free to bring any favoured media you like to work with and be prepared to swap and exchange some items.

Couple of brushes (one at least quarter inch or similar,)
#3-4 small plastic lidded containers (margarine tubs or similar for paint, lids and be used as a mixing tray)
Small sponge.
small piece of polystyrene with at least one flat side to pin cloth to (can be an old pizza tray, food tray, packaging)
Any mark making media you want to bring, eg fabric/acrylic paints Small quantity
Basic sewing equipment: needles, pins, scissors, assorted threads of your choice and one or two machine threads (you can use machine or hand stitch)

Papers and Fabric:
Assorted weights of papers from brown wrapping paper, glossy magazines, patterned paper, textured paper (wallpaper) oriental specialist papers.
Pieces of old sheeting/cotton to be used both a base and a starting point. In addition also: , pre-stitched textiles, your own 'waste' pieces or discards and/or found fabric with seams and edges such as shirt sleeve, a handkerchief, napkin a piece of embroidery. Small selection of coloured natural cloth from your stash reflecting your colour or subject interest.
sketchbook/notebook/camera (optional)
Apron and plastic gloves.
Personal reference images of your choice relating to current projects or themes you would like to pursue

To view some of Cas mixed media artworks, take a look at

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