Karen Lane

Feltmaker and Textile Artist

Following a long career in Visual Merchandising Display & Training, in 2014 I discovered the exciting world of Feltmaking…..it was to change my world entirely! I found myself fascinated by the complex 3 dimensional shapes that could be created by something as simple as wool fibres. I was also blown away by the incredibly beautiful painterly effects that can be achieved with 2 dimensional wall hangings and pictures. I had to know how such pieces were created and so, after a few failed attempts at home, I booked myself onto a series of workshops with some of the best International Feltmakers who were visiting the UK that year.

In no time at all my new found hobby had developed into an all consuming passion and provided me with a new career! I became a member of the International Feltmakers Association in 2016 and now divide my time between creating work in my home studio and delivering Felting and Textile Art workshops, both locally and nationally, teaching new skills and motivating others to realise their creative potential.

More often than not my inspiration comes from the shapes and colours seen in the local landscape as well as found objects on my travels. Some items such as shells, pebbles and small pieces of metal may find themselves incorporated into my felted work. I also like to recycle and repurpose so I am a regular visitor to charity shops on the lookout for metallic or wooden jewellery, silk scarves and anything else that might inspire, or be added to, a piece of work.

Karen Lane

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