Textile Landscape
Cas Holmes trained in fine arts followed by studies in Japan with the Winston Churchill and Japan Foundation Fellowships. Her work is in major collections including Arts Council England, Museum of Art and Design New York and the Embroiderer's Guild, UK. Working on collaborations is an important part of her practice and she was commissioned to create a piece on 'Gardens and War' for the Garden Museum. A writer for Batsford her most recent publications are 'Stitch Stories' (2015.) and Textile Landscape (2018)

Salvaged materials are torn, painted and re-assembled to create mixed media pieces drawing their inspiration from the landscape and the everyday.
Cas Holmes's fascination for the landscape is reflected in her work, both in its subject matter, which explores the intersections of the spaces life inhabits: the green spaces in urban areas, the verges of highways, the trees in a city park; and in its techniques of joining cloth and paper.
Ricë Freeman-Zachery

Cas Holmes lives in Kent and graduated from University College of Creative Arts. This was followed by research into papermaking and textiles in Japan supported by a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship and Japan Foundation Fellowship. Renowned for her use of 'the found', she is the author of four books for Batsford, from her seminal first publication 'The Found Object in Textile Art' to the most recent ‘Textile Landscape.All have been reprinted several times.

Interested in the connections between land, place and environment, the stories and imagery to be found in collected materials and observations are a constant source for inspiration in her projects and collaborations. She travels, teaches and exhibits internationally for different organisations and charities including Plantlife. She has received a 'Pride of Britain Award' by the NRI Institute (India/UK 2010) for excellence in her field and her art projects in India.

Since 2005 she has run courses for the Edward James Foundation at West Dean College where she was also resident artist. Her many-layered, atmospheric pieces are collected and commissioned internationally including pieces held by the Museum of Art and Design New York, the Embroiderer's Guild UK and the Garden Museum, London. Supported by Arts Council England her one person show Urban Nature (first shown when she was a guest artist at the Knitting and Stitching Show) led to a major exhibition at the 20th Anniversary of the European Patchwork Meeting and the Lace Museum in the Netherlands. She turned to exhibit at the Knitting and Stitching Show with Textile Landscape and the international collaboration Tea Flora Tales in 2018

In 2019 she is exhibiting ‘Painting with Cloth’ in a one person show which started its tour at Rochester Art Gallery and is currently working towards a major exhibition in Antwerp in 2021

Next workshop at Sweet Nothings: 19th - 25th July 2020

For further information please visit her website:

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