Annette Standing

Rich Multimedia Artist

Now living and working in France, I previously taught Art at secondary school level, and before that worked in advertising as an editorial illustrator.

As well as teaching, which I really enjoy, (after all, what could be better for an artist than the company and conversation of others with a common passion!)
I continue to produce personal work. I have exhibited here in France, and also work on occasion to commission.

My teaching style is relaxed and to me it is very important to emphasise the joy of creativity, I believe in life-long learning and I often learn from my pupils, as I am always developing and discovering and refining my own practice, I don’t believe that as artists we are ever ‘complete’. The joy of making art to me is the never-ending discovery of new ways to see and interpret.

My own work is very much based on drawing, my favorite medium is coloured pencil, which I often mix with ink, gold leaf marker pens and pastels. I draw what I find beautiful with the emphasis on the natural world and wildlife.
My work is sometimes realistic, sometimes more illustrative depending on how I feel at the time. Although I have several “styles” I think my constant focus and theme is detail pattern and surface.

My favorite artists include Gustave Klimt, I love his surface pattern, use of decoration and dynamic composition. I admire John Singer-Sargent for his sheer skill with a brush, his watercolors of Venice are awe inspiring!

I will be running two course at Sweet Nothings this year:
Nature Illustration 19th - 25th May 2019
Architectural Illustration 8th - 14th September 2019

Annette Standing
Annette Standing

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