Next course: 15th - 20th July 2019

Nuno Felting is the technique of laminating lightweight fabrics with loose fibres. During the Felting process the fibres are encouraged to migrate through the fabrics and, as the fibres shrink, the fabric begins to tighten creating interesting new surfaces. Depending on the fabrics used you might get small tight puckers or larger loose ruckling. Although you can Nuno felt with a wide variety of fabrics the easiest to work with tend to be very lightweight silks such as chiffon, habotai and Margilan (Uzbek Silk) as well as open weave cottons such as muslin, scrim.

Karen Lane felt scarf
Karen Lanes felt scarf

We will begin this workshop by creating a beautiful, lightweight scarf using Superfine Merino fibres and lightweight silks. Every scarf will be unique. I am a big believer in recycling/repurposing and regularly pick up inexpensive silk scarves from my local charity shops to use in Nuno projects. By laying out our fabrics in a “tile” effect you will have the opportunity to mix and match different fabrics, colours and designs, being as random or precise as you want.

Karen Lane felt scarf

As an add-on project, and using the same Nuno technique, you will also have the choice of creating a decorative Nuno Necklet or bracelet (or both if time allows!) Being both practical and decorative, the beautifully soft, extremely lightweight Necklets bridge the gap between a scarf/collar and a necklace. The bracelets introduce another technique, differential shrinkage, which allows us to create interesting, undulating surfaces on a flat plane. Once again, each of the additional projects will be totally unique and these can be further embellished with hand embroidery and beads.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities.

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