Next Course: 11th - 17th May 2019

Plum Trees at BajamontSpend the week with Unison Colour Associate Artist, Fiona Carvell, to explore and develop your own responses to the French landscape using this rich and wonderfully flexible medium. A highly experienced and qualified Tutor with over 15 years teaching experience, Fiona is a pastel specialist from the North East of England who brings her passion for pastel painting to the beautiful St Vallier.

The immediacy of Pastel is perfect for both ‘Plein Air’ and studio work; beginner friendly, yet challenging enough for the more experienced Artist. Fiona provides step-by-step demonstration and guidance as well as support and technical advice to encourage individual responses and nurture creative potential.
Fiona’s workshops are relaxed and friendly, with teaching focused around the needs of the individual with support from the group designed to build creative confidence.

“I love the expressive nature of pastel - the variety of marks, the different application processes; this makes them both exciting and satisfying to work with. Unison pastels are quite simply, the best you can get. The vast range of colours, depth of pure pigment and creamy texture make them a joy to work with. I have family in France and so have spent many years visiting, photographing and painting the landscape. The light and colours of the beautiful French landscape provide endless inspiration - there is so much to capture and convey!”

Read Fiona's profile page and visit her website


Day 1
Morning - Field Trip/ local landscape inspiration and reference
Sketching using pencil, charcoal and pastel plus taking photographs.
Afternoon - Demonstration and 1-1 discussions and guidance

An introduction to pastel techniques
1-1 feedback and guidance as students begin to develop compositions

Day 2
Short Demonstration
Students develop pastel sketches with support and advice

Day 3
All Day - Students work on larger scale pieces in pastel with greater detail and complexity.
1-1 advice and guidance with Fiona.

Day 4
Final pieces completed.
Informal group critique to reflect upon the work and gather constructive feedback for future progression.

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