Rich Multi Media illustration

For the Architecture workshop, our visit to Auberterre Sur Dronne (one of the most beautiful villages in France) or St Emillion will inform your drawings. If this isn’t enough, there are plenty of incredibly beautiful buildings in the immediate vicinity if you require extra inspiration!

You will be encouraged to focus on (but not copy) a single image/theme (from a photo or sketch) and to create a visible link within your work, by using and experimenting with mixed media, such as paint, pastel, ink or even collage and print. What you choose to select or highlight and how you deliver your composition will provide your own personal expression within your work.

As you develop as an artist, so will your own style. Other drawings in your series should contain a common thread which links each piece with the others and yet shows diversity of approach.

The hand, the eye and the experience of the artist will automatically change the look of the work. In these sessions we are not looking to copy nature or to produce technically accurate representations of historic buildings, but rather to interpret what you observe and develop work that is personal to you. The aim is for you to develop as an artist and continue to use some of the techniques you have experienced, in your future work.

The itinerary is planned so that you have plenty of time to relax and reflect as well as make art. You can work as much or as little as you like, I will be on hand to provide individual encouragement and support as you wish.

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