Next course: July 14th - 20th 2018

In this workshop, Carole Wood will teach the distinctive quilting style of the Hawaiian Islands which uses large radially symmetric applique patterns. These are mostly botanical and are cut from one piece of fabric which is then needle turned and appliquéd to the background fabric. An explanation of the traditional designs and quilting techniques will be given as fascinating background information.

Carole’s quilt draws on the beauty of Hawaiian quilt design and translates it to a workshop friendly format. Traditionally the blocks are very large and take a very long time to make, instead Carole has drawn out smaller blocks based on traditional designs. As they are smaller they can be challenging to needle turn. Some of the points are quite narrow and sharp so these will improve your sewing machine skills and machine applique raw edge techniques. With careful stitching, the designs highlight precision and beauty. To further enhance the attractiveness, blocks are then pieced together from half square triangles using a fast piecing technique and alternated with the Hawaiian blocks. Finally, the blocks are put together on point and Carole will explain the quilting and the traditional Hawaiian designs incorporated into the quilting.

These requirements are for the sample quilt, however you can simply adjust them to make a smaller or larger quilt, a cushion or a table runner as the basic design is very versatile.

  • 3.25m background fabric
  • 1m fabric for half square triangles, inner border and binding
  • 12 x 10” squares of fabric toning with the half square triangle fabric for the appliqué. You can however choose to use the same fabric for both in which case you will need a total of 1.75m of fabric. This works well if you have chosen a batik fabric.
  • Fine thread for piecing
  • Thread for appliqué, can match or contrast with fabric, both will work.
  • 1.5m Heat and Bond lite or Bondaweb lite
  • Pencil
  • Sharp scissors for cutting out the appliqué
  • Cutting mat, rotary cutter and rulers
  • Small square ruler is very useful but not essential
  • Best press or spray starch, useful but not essential
  • Sewing machine, cleaned and ready to go.
  • Usual sewing kit

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