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Painted Doodles

A week in the beautiful French countryside doodling on fabric and then painting it, what could be more fun? If you enjoy doodling on paper and like machine quilting, you are going to love this course. We are going to stitch and paint two small pieces, one with Inktense and one with metallic fabric paint. These can then be kept as reference samples and made into a phone, glasses or needle case, a small book cover or whatever you like.

Painted Doodles Requirements

2 layered up small squares of white fabric, approximately 12” square. The top fabric will be painted on, so a closely woven fabric will give a better finish, the wadding can be any fairly low loft variety so cotton, cotton/bamboo, 80/20 or a low loft polyester all are suitable and the backing can be anything. One square will become your finished piece and the other will be your practise piece.

  • 1 layered up square of black fabric as above.
  • Black cotton thread
  • Small scissors
  • Small paint brushes, round and flat types
  • Small amount of kitchen roll
  • 2 small plastic pots, approx egg cup sized.
  • Lots of paper for doodling on plus a pencil
  • If you have them please bring Inktense pencils and metallic fabric paints Stewart Gill type, however this is not essential as there will be some available to use.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements please contact Natalie at Sweet Nothings and she will be happy to help.

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Carole Wood Doodle Painting

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