Next course: 12th - 18th November 2018

Painting on different surfaces - create art or textiles inspired by the cave paintings of France. We will visit a prehistoric museum and perhaps a cave, pending ticket availability in the Dordogne region.

Explore and develop your response to ancient art using a variety of mediums in your sketchbook. Learn to interpret what you see and create unique art. We’ll apply mixed media techniques to canvas and fabric. I’ll give a demonstration on how I create my boxed canvas artwork and also demonstrate several mixed media techniques so that you can use your ideas for art, textiles or even dressmaking. We’ll work as a group and you can follow your individual response to the cave paintings. It’s all about releasing your creativity and realising your potential.

Visit a prehistoric museum and cave (subject to ticket availability)
Discover the methods used by ancient peoples and learn about pigments
See a demonstration of cave painting in modern mixed media
Paint or dye different surfaces using different mediums
Individual feedback

For the Cave workshop you will need to bring:

Canvas (including small boxed canvas, I like to work on a 40cm canvas, N.B. a canvas roll is difficult to fold or roll once the mixed media is in place)
small acrylic artboards are fine too and easy to pack
Paper - something that can take the paint and not buckle
Fabric - plain calico, pelmet vilene as large as you wish
Mixed media including charcoal, conte crayon and acrylic (I suggest earth colours such as yellow ochre, burnt siena etc plus titanium white. Treasure Gold is also useful)
Fabric paint or any medium that can be used to colour fabric
Permanent markers
Bondaweb 2 A4 sheets would be a good size, more if you want to experiment further (for sale on
Sketchbook for drawings and working out ideas
Tissue paper
Fibre medium
Small piece Kunin felt (postcard size)
Slightly larger piece Tyvek
Threads if you wish to stitch

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